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TallOrder’s Growing Feature List

We’re driven by innovation, which means our feature list is growing all the time! TallOrder’s endless benefits can cater to your POS needs and we’re working on new and exciting additions all the time!

Accounting integration

We offer deep, order-line integration to Sage and other Cloud-based accounting software systems, letting you enjoy faster, more accurate accounting with no duplications.

Payment Solutions Integration

We offer integration with leading digital Payment Service/ Mobile Wallets Providers, as well as payment via NFC technology. No matter how your customer would like to pay for their desired item, our integrated system will be able to process the payment quickly and easily.

Hospitality Property Management Integration

TallOrder POS integrates seamlessly with leading Hospitality Property Management Systems. These integrations allow guests to charge items from hotel restaurants, gift shops, spas, etc. to their room number with ease. Make paying even more convenient for your guests!

Vouchers Integration

Vouchers can be used at the point of sale to apply discounts and process coupons, as well as issuing loyal customer memberships. All of these actions can be managed through the power of an integrated Point of Sale and Vouchering engine.

Card Payments

TallOrder POS integrates with cutting-edge card readers, allowing your business to accept payments from card-carrying customers with ease. Meaning that you never have to miss out on future sales!

Cloud and Smart Reporting

The secure Cloud-based data warehouse enables flexible, fast and accurate reporting, easily accessible and displayed, placing your business’ key metrics at your fingertips to be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Offline Capacity

The TallOrder POS will keep functioning even if Internet connectivity is down or disrupted. As soon as Internet connectivity is up again, all transactions will be synced to the Cloud.

Mobile POS

The TallOrder Point of Sale Solution can be fixed or mobile. This means that the POS device can move from counters to tables and around stores, therefore saving time for customers during the ordering and purchasing process.


Loyalty programmes entice customers to return to your establishment, therefore increasing sales. TallOrder’s Solution can be set up to receive currency or points based rewards, allowing them to build and redeem when necessary. Loyalty tiers can also be set up.

Product Add-Ons

We offer a number of product add-ons:
ToGo Online Ordering App.
SlipApp Order Display Feature.
mytab Customer-Facing Display.
PageMan Digital Signage.
myStock, Inventory Management Feature.

Customer Statements

Optimize your customers’ experience by offering them the choice of an email receipt instead of a printed copy with our Customer Statements feature. This will save your customers time and help them keep track of their receipts in their email. It also enables you to send promotional materials or other messages along with the receipt.

Shift Management

Monitoring kitchen or cleaning staff shift hours is easy with your POS. The pin system helps prevent employees from clocking in and out fraudulently. Using Shift Management, you can also calculate salaries accurately and reward top performers.

Recipe Management

Ensure minimal wastage by keeping track of your ingredients’ history. Managing, creating, and adjusting recipes is crucial for restaurants to reduce costs and maximize profits. Additionally, it calculates portions, portion costs, and additional waste so you know exactly how much ingredients are left.

Kitchen Display Feature

As soon as an order is entered in the system, orders are sent directly to the kitchen via the Kitchen Display Feature. It organizes and categorizes information based on the course type, cook time, etc. Update staff immediately from a convenient location in the kitchen. It also helps staff know which meal to send out first based on the orders placed.

Customer-Facing Display Feature

Provide all order information to customers, such as item details, subtotal, tax, and total price. Enable a better checkout experience without customers having to double-check after a transaction has been completed – reducing wait times. In addition, customers are able to sign up for newsletters or add a tip while exposed to your branding and promotional messages.

Barcode Printing

With TallOrder POS, you can now print barcodes for single or multiple items. Barcode labels will make stock take easier and more convenient for retail stores.

Multiple Locations

Manage and update pricing across all restaurants/retail chains with ease. You will also be able to view real-time reporting and other live metrics of all applicable branches.

Fingerprint Access

Enable accurate employee identification, eliminate buddy punching, and prevent loss by keeping a record of every transaction. Your employees’ fingerprints are secure and unique, unlike a password they can forget.

Inventory Management

Manage your products and pricing, control purchase orders, suppliers, stock levels and manage sales trends through reporting.


Easily assign credit limits as well as payment terms, allowing customers to purchase or buy on credit, offering them yet another way to pay!


Thorough support for all customers is only a call or email away. Our helpful support team is ready to answer your queries 24/7.

Split Bills

You can split bills in different ways depending on the needs of your customers, including by equal parts, by selected items, or by seat. The bill can be broken up into separately numbered receipts or can be combined once again after it was split.


Our smart backend solution allow staff to enter orders and purchase quickly and with ease. The intuitive UI helps avoid mistakes and assists in upselling, helping complete orders in record timing.


Promotions are structured methods of passing on a discount to a customer to stimulate further sales. Promotions can be automatically calculated by the TallOrder POS, giving the customer the best deal and increasing customer satisfaction.


A lay-by allows a customer to pay off their purchases in installments. Here, stock items are reserved until payment is paid off. TallOrder can process items as a lay-by, therefore allowing for more sales as various income brackets can now afford to pay off their purchases.

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